Parhelion engages in energy asset development and acquisition to support our growth in hashpower.

Through vertical integration we stabilize costs, hedge jurisdiction risk and gratefully seek the betterment of the communities which host us.


Unlocking Stranded Energy

Energy costs are moving to ZERO… BEHIND THE METER.


The inability of public utilities and grid providers to deliver low-cost power through effective transmission systems costs humanity trillions of dollars.

The future of Bitcoin mining is driven by energy ownership and gridlessness.

Parhelion Energy is a virtual behind-the-meter utility company serving Bitcoin miners. We extend wholesale power costs to our partners in remote locations where stranded energy has been unlocked.

Bitcoin mining ushers in a new era for human civilization. Unlocking stranded energy for mining spurs the construction of new human settlement and secures the tools which allow labor and imagination to outlast the unwinding of ineffective or compromised institutions.

Parhelion Energy develops stranded hydroelectric electricity generation in Latin America and Africa, as well as natural gas capacity in the North America. These energy sources allow us to be extremely competitive in serving our mining partners as well as anchoring the development of new, thriving settlement communities for our team members and their families.

By spearheading the development/redevelopment of electrification, our generation assets allow us to function as our own utility, helping to secure long-run advantages in energy access for our mining fleet.


Megawatts in process

Investing in established capacity and spearheading new asset development.

Our partners sit on the same side of the table to bring permanent infrastructure to the globe’s new wave of prosperity and urbanization.




Capacity Acquired

Unlocked hydropower for our proprietary mining fleet and our selecct partners generating 30EH/s

Capacity Acquired

Unlocked hydropower for our proprietary mining fleet and our selecct partners generating 30EH/s

Institutional Partners

We count the most important global miners as our allies.

Through our community development program, we aim to create a network of interlinked, Bitcoinized cities around the globe which offer social and economic parallelization to leapfrog increasingly compromised global institutions.

Our settlements are designed as special economic zones generating local employment within a full ownership society. We leverage a suite of hardware-enhanced Web3 applications for local governance, telemedicine, telecommunications infrastructure, enhanced agriculture and education opportunities, all geared for independence and greater Bitcoinization.