Mining. Venture.


The oldest tragedy.

Man’s genius sacrificed on the pyre.

His fire consumed.

His vision squandered.

His wealth betrayed and maligned.

And the masses conspire unthinkingly,

yielding the greatest of all technology

to a capricious, shadowy cabal.

For eons, the great achievements

of his bright forge

were diverted to the undeserving.

The fruits of his genius

averted his people.

The greatest tools of his race purloined,

and he, pried from his true nature,

the visionary of the deep future…

…the axle of his great wheel

stuck in dishonesty, fear and grasping,

the wheel rolled through his generations

toward alienation, derangement

and war.

In 2009,

a drop from that bright forge fell.

Its molten truth hissed the restoration

of his noble and beautiful nature once again.

Today, the heroic ideal,

of Man as seer of the future, primordial creator,

has finally been unchained.

The eagle has been shot from the sky.

He looks onward to the peaks,

generous and speared with celestial light.

In every moment, great choirs sing

of new opportunity.

Of new triumph.

As dawn’s rose fingers touch the sky,

the future is gleaming with abundance,

with honor, with monuments dedicated to

Man in his truest form,

to noble culture,

wresting unto himself his birthright,

the elegance and might

of his imagination and work.



MAY 1, 2024